“ Caribbean Steel Drum Wedding ( Key West ) ” , Presents , van Bertie , ( from the island of St. Kitts ),Entertainer / Musician,Singer /  Song-writer,“ Yeh mon”  “ We b Jammin”, Featuring: “Live” Steel Drum Music & Guitar,Email: bertie.van374@gmail.com,Web page: vanbertie.com,Telephone:  (305) 509 – 2532 …

                                            Pictures and Videos from Yours Truly `Van Bertie`


Here you can see photos and videos from my recent performances.

More photos and videos will follow shortly !

So please come back from time to time !


To see photos in a bigger size, simply click that photo you`d like to see.

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Let's start with the first row.




Here is the next row.





Here is another row.





You want another one? Here you go.





Let's go on with the next row of photos.





Here you can see some photos from my last giggs in Sarasota 2011.






And here are now some videos.


This is the"Buffalo Soldier"




"Don't Worry" is my next song




And now it's time to "Jammin"




And here comes "No Woman No Cry"




The next videos was recorded in September 2015 as samples.


"Hot Hot Hot"





"Red Red Wine"





"Somewhere over the Rainbow"





"Day Ohh"





"One Love"





"Bad Boys"





"Everything's gonna be alright"





"My Darling"









I hope you`ve enjoyed the photos and videos.  If so, please leave your reviews in my guest book.  More photos and videos from my next concerts will be available here.  Hope to see you soon again.

Your`s Truly `Van Bertie` .