“ Caribbean Steel Drum Wedding ( Key West ) ” , Presents , Van Bertie , ( from the island of St. Kitts ),Entertainer / Musician,Singer /  Song-writer,“ Yeh mon”  “ We b Jammin”, Featuring: “Live” Steel Drum Music & Guitar,Email: bertie.van374@gmail.com,Web page: vanbertie.com,Telephone:  (305) 509 – 2532 …

On this site you can learn something about me.

For many years, I have been living and playing music all over the United States, Canada,

Africa and the Caribbean, and I have recently made Key West and the Florida Keys area

my permanent residence because of all the natural beauty that surrounds it, not to mention

the lovely beaches, palm tress and cool people.


 In regards to my career, I`ve done lots of weddings, birth day parties, major cruise ships,

corporation conventions, theatres, apartment pool parties, hospital  conferences, market

street festivals, car dealership promotions, high school reunions, park concerts, museum

exhibitions, church functions, major hotel & beach shindigs and many restaurants fiestas.



Some people would ask me …. what kind of music do you play? And I would say …. I`m

like a rolling train ….. I do it all …. I am a troubadour hitting you with Reggae, Rock,

R&B, Blues, Soka, Oldies and Soft Jazz Gitar - Caribbean-Style, and also the authentic

roots calypso music of the islands.

I play just bout everything and anything. . Please be advised that travelling near

or far would never be a problem and there are no time limitations or restrictions on any

event. Also, I have had great reviews on all my performances…..



At the moment, samples of my music CD`s could be mailed to you for your listening - upon