“ Caribbean Steel Drum Wedding ( Key West ) ” , Presents , van Bertie , ( from the island of St. Kitts ),Entertainer / Musician,Singer /  Song-writer,“ Yeh mon”  “ We b Jammin”, Featuring: “Live” Steel Drum Music & Guitar,Email: bertie.van374@gmail.com,Web page: vanbertie.com,Telephone:  (305) 509 – 2532 …

                                                   W        E        L        C        O        M        E


                                          My name is Van Bertie

                                          Originally, I`m from the island of St Kitts   

                                                         (Central Caribbean)

                                           And I have travelled all over the United States

                                           Canada, Africa and South America  

                                           Entertaining and performing

                                           "LIVE" Steel Drums, Guitar, Flute and Vocals -

                                           playing the Blues, Rock, Reggae, Soka, Salsa, Oldies

                                          and Soft Jazz music.

                                           As a professional musician and can be booked.

                                           For any and all events any part of the globe.




                                  A sample of my music is always available from my CD collections

                                            Email address: bertie.van374@gmail.com   

                                            Web Page :  VANBERTIE.COM

                                             Tel :  (305) 509 – 2532 ….mobil


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